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History of the Satoshi Cash Domain

This domain Has been around for several years with an already established traffic feed from the cryptocurrency community and Satoshi cash keyword. Buying a website that is already developed will allow a company to capitalize on Monetization through advertisements like google adsesne or affiliate markeing. In December of 2016 the site was at 24,950 for the world Alexa Ranking Bringing in over 50,000 visitors a month. The previous owner decided to let it go and Satoshipapi Internet Marketing Guru took control. 

Premium Features

This Domain is not only established with traffic and better SEO placement but comes with 99% of Do Follow Backlinks These contextual and direct links are paced on Niche related websites, Blogs and forums Including Steemit, Reddit and Bitcointalk. This site is premium quality and handled by an experienced team of professional marketers, Blockchain technology experts, and overall Iot enthusiasts. Starting with a website /domain with this type of online presence will increase the success rate of any ICO, BLOG or Cryptocurrency related business.

All Inclusive Purchase

Here at Wolfstien Tech. we seek to build business relationships built on trust, transparency, and aim to Exceed all expectations. With this in mind the purchase of this Exclusive Domain Satoshi cash comes with many amenities:

  • Consultation for Marketing, Webdesign & Hosting
  • Traffic reassurance 
  • Guarantee of Transfer
  • Proof of Ownership 
  • Instagram Account With Followers
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Option for increased Referral Traffic Services
  • Bitcoin converter

Currently this website is mining Monero cryptocurrency from the Visitors this can be transferred and reinstalled with > CoinIMP <

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