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4 Easy steps to unlimited Bitcoin

Setting up a Microwallet

Step 1.  

A microwallet is an online wallet that holds small amounts of Cryptocurrency. Coinpot is the best user-friendly multi-use mircowallet. This wallet allows free conversion between 5 cryptocurrencies. It offers Free deposits / withdrawals and an crypocurrency mining browser option that is very simple to use. 

Collecting From the Faucts

Step 2.

A faucet site is a website that pays cryptocurrency to its visitors because of the exposure to advertising. It is best to focus on completing the Captcha process to claim the digital currency then  go directly to the next site. IF done correctly this can be a be a very fast process when each site has its own designated window or page. To start collecting, simply sign in using the same email for Coinpot to these following sites:

Sharing Links & Advertising

Step 3.

Each of the moon sites have affiliate links that you can share on Social Media. Cryptocurrency Facebook Groups and Instagram Stories by using the swipe feature is a great way to do this. Alsoa person can get results from sharing their links in comment section of niche related youtube videos, Steemit posts and other websites. 

Staking and Investing Holdings

Step 4.

After establishing a passively income stream of free cryptocurrency, one can start looking at ways to grow their earnings. The safest and most legitimate way is to invest bitcoin in proof-of-stake cryptocurrecnies on a secure exchange. An example of this is NEO on the exchange Kucoin which pays daily earnings in dividends long as the minimum amount is met. 

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